Why cockroaches bite humans

Cockroaches may bite humans but it is a rare thing. German cockroaches are the one that bites people and this is also responsible for infestations. Most people will be bitten by the cockroaches while they are sleeping. This is because cockroaches search for food at night time. Many people who got bitten by cockroaches could not believe that do cockroaches bite humans. There are many cases of people being bitten by cockroaches. In some cases, a very small amount of food will be left on the mouth or fingers of people. Such people did not notice it and went to sleep without cleaning it. While searching for food at night time, the cockroaches will accidently bite the people while eating the food stick in the mouth and hand of the people. This will only happen when cockroaches could not find any other source for food. 

In some cases, cockroaches may take risks and crawl over the sleeping people to find some moisture around the nose and eyes of the people. Like other living things, cockroaches also require water to survive. If it could not find the water source it may try to get water from the human source. A clean and hygienic environment will allow the cockroaches to survive. So, it is better to fight cockroaches by marinating good sanitation in the building. People can reduce the population of cockroaches by using the cockroach killer sprays. People cannot use any other pesticides if they use any killer sprays for the cockroach. Many people doubt cockroaches bite. This is because since they were getting bitten during the sleeping hours they could not identify which insects had bitten them. Children are mostly affected by the cockroach bites since the skin of the children is softer enough to easily penetrate into it. 

It is commonly found that most of the children leave the crumbs around their mouths and on the fingers since they did not follow best practices of hygiene. So, parents should advise the children about being hygienic and wash their hands, face and brush their teeth before they go to bed. If they fail to do so, they may find cockroaches crawling on their toes, fingers and around the mouth. Cockroaches bite people only when the population of the cockroaches is high and little source for food and water are available. If the cockroaches found the source for their food and water, they can take any risk to get it. Even it will crawl on the things that will smack it dead faster. People have never heard that cockroaches bite in the daytime. This may occur if a person tries to pick the cockroach. If the cockroach feels threatened, it will bite people. Most people will not try to contact cockroaches. People who want to avoid getting bitten from the cockroaches can follow the proper methods of pest control in their home. They can search on the internet to know about the best pesticides for killing cockroaches.

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